May by the Numbers (Plus Re-Entry Into Responsible-ish Adulthood)

Despite May having suddenly appeared out of nowhere, I’m feeling much less manic than I was at the beginning of last month.  But I am still neurotic and like numbers, so, here’s…

May by the Numbers

  • Number of scripts sent out into the world on Sunday: 3
  • Hours worked at the day job in April: 144
  • Hours worked freelance in April: 42
  • Number of houses purchased in April: 1
  • Age I’ll be at the end of my home loan: 59
  • Number of days ’til the beach: 13
  • Number of days ’til I have to fit into a bridesmaid dress: 80
  • Number of spreadsheets I’m currently using on a daily basis: 11
  • Number of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs still in my freezer: 17, miraculously
  • Days ’til our Denver trip to see The Book of Mormon: 104
  • Number of dollars I spent at Starbucks and Chipotle in April: I am afraid to look.
  • Number of short films I’m meant to complete this month: 1
  • Square inches of available counter space in my kitchen at the moment: 4.5
  • Length of average blade of grass in my yard (in inches): 7
  • Books started in April: 3
  • Books finished in April: 0

(Probably Temporary) Re-Entry Into Adulthood

So, now that I’ve got the scripts out the door (and before I jump back into post-production on STILL), I’m shifting priorities just ever so slightly toward attempting a semi-normal routine for a semi-responsible adult. This mostly involves working out, getting my house back to a state of “mostly presentable” rather than its current state of Did a small tribe of messy squatters move in here while your eyes were glued to your computer screen?!,  something I’m calling the #MakeYourOwnFood initiative (which involves — you guessed it — making my own food in order to save money & give the poor folks at Chipotle a break), finding some balance by making time to read for pleasure, and probably mowing my lawn (or bribing the boyfriend to do it with the fruits of the #MakeYourOwnFood initiative).

Regarding said initiative, I’ve decided to really have at it for a week, during which I’m not eating out unless someone else is cooking or buying (i.e., I’m not paying for food, except my non-negotiable morning coffee hit). I actually really love cooking, and it’s hard to point out a more tangible form of creativity.  But I hate cleaning, and that makes for a rather poor combination especially when I’m swamped with other things.  It’s only halfway through Day 2, but so far, so good!

Rocket Salad by Ditty! Brie, Chocolate & Roasted Strawberry Grilled Cheese by Ditty! Ditty's Twist on Panzanella

If food porn is your thing, you can follow along over on Tumblr or Instagram.  Tonight it’s Shutterbean’s Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Pizza. Boyfriend is definitely a lucky guy this week.*

The funny thing is, I’m only two days out from script work, and I’m already itching to work on something new. So I’ll probably be going at a nutbutts pace again here soon enough, but it’s nice to take a few days and regroup as part of my continuing efforts to pass as a Responsible-ish Adult.

*…if he mows my lawn — bwahahahaha!
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