Conversations with my Characters: Ben

Ben: You know I want to hook up with Emily, right?
Me: What?
Ben: You heard me.
Me: What about Greta?
Ben: What about her?
Me: Um, you’ve been flirting with her for the last 25 pages, remember?
Ben: That’s just an act to get at Emily.
Me: But that’s not in my outline!
Ben: Come on. You know you’re not running the show here.
Me: But you and Emily are complete opposites. You bicker all the time!
Ben: We’re not as different as you think.
Me: As I think? As I think? You only exist because I think!
Ben: Water under the bridge now, sweetheart.
Me: Well, what if Emily doesn’t like you?
Ben: I think we both know she does.
Me: … Damn it. Fine. You’re lucky I needed a B-story.
Ben: Yeah, whatever. Just make it happen.
Me: I’m not turning this into some cheesy teen romantic comedy, you know.
Ben: Of course not. That would suck. And it would completely ruin the theme of the story.
Me: You are entirely frustrating.
Ben: And yet, you can understand why Emily likes me.
Me: Touché.
Ben: So we’re good?
Me: Yeah, yeah.

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