Box Office Results and More

Since I’m up late due to an epic battle between my stomach and today’s lunch, I figured I’d take the opportunity to point out that I’m now two for three in my box office predictions. This weekend’s results:

  1. The Incredible Hulk ($54.5 million)
  2. Kung Fu Panda ($34.3 million)
  3. The Happening ($30.5 million)
  4. You Don’t Mess With the Zohan ($16.4 million)
  5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($13.5 million)
  6. Sex and the City ($10.2 million)
  7. Iron Man ($5.1 million)
  8. The Strangers ($4.1 million)
  9. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian ($3 million)
  10. What Happens in Vegas ($1.7 million)

This was the first weekend in quite some time that I didn’t make it to the theatres. I did manage to catch a couple of movies on DVD: Into the Wild (3 stars) and Stardust (3 ½ stars).

I finished Stardust the novel this week and felt compelled to give the movie another chance since I enjoyed the book so much. I’d seen it once before and, while I was entertained, I wasn’t all that impressed. I had some Borders coupons to use, so I went ahead and shelled out $9 to buy the DVD since I was reasonably certain I’d be much more pleased the second time around. And I was right in my assumptions. Loved the movie the second time around.

A quick word about Into the Wild: I was touched by the story and impressed by Emile Hirsch’s performance and dedication to the role, but I thought the direction left a little to be desired.

I spent last week researching, brainstorming and prewriting for my 2008 NaNo effort. I’m really excited about the story, and there’s a lot to be done before I would actually want to start writing it (which is good, since I won’t be starting ’til November). So, I’m going to keep up with that this week, I think. Additionally, I’ll probably do a quick read-through of my Screnzy effort (working title: Tea) just to keep it from sitting too long. So that’s what I’ll be up to, in case you were wondering.

One thought on “Box Office Results and More

  1. While I’ve yet to read Stardust I did watch it a second time around this weekend as well. Daren hadn’t seen it yet and I was in the mood for something romantic and fantasy-esq.

    I loved it the second time around as well, although I really did like it the first time I saw it as well. Even Daren liked it and he usually harps on the predictable nature of such movies. Even so I’d totally buy it and watch it again. It’s a good movie.

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