Lessons Learned

It’s been a slow writing week for me, both with this blog and my screenplay. I’ve been house-sitting, which means I’ve been taking care of five dogs and two cats belonging to my family plus my own two dogs. That’s nine animals to one human, if you didn’t do the math. All of which means I’ve not had much time or energy to devote to much else.

Despite that, I have managed to learn a few things this week:

  1. Cats like to leave their caretakers gifts from time to time, but they are not very good at discerning what their caretakers would like or use.
  2. Barbecue tongs will do in a pinch for removing dead birds from your front step.
  3. There are things more awkward to purchase from retail stores than feminine products.
  4. Sometimes a day filled with good conversation with a friend is all it takes to make things seem OK again.
  5. Letting go of expectations is difficult but beneficial for emotional well-being.

On top of all that, while it wasn’t a great volume of writing, I did manage to get out of a rather difficult scene which should make it easier to be productive tomorrow night. Stay tuned tomorrow for Box Office Predictions.

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