Inspiration, thy name is Roadkill.

There are moments in life that cement your certainty of your calling in life, and I had one of those moments back at the beginning of May. Whilst driving my normal route to work, I spotted two or three dead raccoons. Now, to any normal person, the thought that follows seeing roadkill is, “Ew, that’s gross.” But for me, the thought was, “Hey! That’s a great starting point for an animated short!” It’s thoughts like that that convince me I can never be normal so I might as well be a writer.

So, on Saturday night, I spent about an hour beating out the dead raccoon story in lieu of working on Mute. On Sunday, I met up with my aspiring-animator sister Kate, and now the ball is rolling on actually getting the short produced. She’s working on storyboards this week, and I’ll probably start trying to look for sound effects and music in the public domain. I haven’t done any video editing since college, so this should be a rather amusing adventure. Nonetheless, it will be nice to actually have a visual representation of something I’ve written when the project’s finished.

Also on my plate this week: finishing Mute. I’ve got a little left of the second act and then the entire third act. It’s a fairly large amount of writing, but I’m fairly certain I can get the job done if I stop slacking.

I’m really trying to get back into a daily writing habit, which has really fallen off since Screnzy ended. I’m shooting for a minimum 500 words a day, which isn’t much to ask and doesn’t take long to deliver. So, hopefully my productivity will shoot back up to first-quarter levels here with my re-found motivation.

I’ll hopefully have some lovely-looking storyboards from Roadkill to post for your enjoyment later this week, so stay tuned!

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