Recap: 17 August 2008

I somehow managed to peg the top three this week, as Tropic Thunder finally dethroned The Dark Knight.

  1. Tropic Thunder ($26 million)
  2. The Dark Knight ($16.8 million)
  3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars ($15.5 million)
  4. Mirrors ($11.1 million)
  5. Pineapple Express ($10 million)
  6. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ($8.6 million)
  7. Mamma Mia! ($6.5 million)
  8. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 ($5.9 million)
  9. Step Brothers ($5 million)
  10. Vicky Cristina Barcelona ($3.7 million)

What I Watched:

  • Barton Fink (3 stars): I was entertained. John Goodman was great, as always, and John Turturro delivered as well, but I wasn’t really sure what the point was other than the movie industry sucks.
  • Wilde (3½ stars): A fairly standard biopic with excellent performances and a compelling story. It was interesting to hear the film makers talking about DVDs and Web sites as new media in the special features. Things have come quite a long way in 10 years.
  • Step Brothers (2½ stars): I was forced to see this because of a deal I made with my sister a few weeks ago, and I was pleased that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was dreading. That being said, it wasn’t all that great either. I chuckled throughout it, and I daresay I even laughed quite a bit during a few scenes, but I was hardly in stitches. That being said, there are worse (and better) ways to spend a couple of hours.
  • Tropic Thunder (4 stars): I’ve been looking forward to this movie, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s gruesome, hilarious, and it even borders on touching at times. Ben Stiller is finally funny again, Robert Downey Jr. is a riot, and Jay Baruchel steals the scene whenever he gets the opportunity.

I know I said I’d be seeing Bottle Shock this weekend, but fear not; I’m actually seeing it Monday with the family instead.

What I Read:
I’ve finally finished the three books I’ve been reading for the past [insert embarrassingly long timeframe here]. Last up was Neil Gaiman‘s Neverwhere. It didn’t seem quite as polished as Stardust, but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. The end was perfect. I’m also tempted to pull out a handful of my old troll dolls and station them on my desk at work as a tribute that no one will get except me.

Up next, upon recommendation from both Matt and Jon, along with seemingly the rest of the world, is Alan Moore’s graphic novel, Watchmen. This is my first time reading a graphic novel, so it should be an interesting journey.

2 thoughts on “Recap: 17 August 2008

  1. I’d totally get the troll thing seeing as I finished that book a month ago. 😉

    Which Neil Gaiman book are you going to read next?

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