Dialog Study No. 1

I’ve been trying to listen to day-to-day dialog lately as an exercise to hopefully improve my writing. Whenever I hear something unique, catchy or well-said, I take the opportunity to write it down as I would write it in screenplay or prose format. From time to time, I hope to feature these bits of dialog here. And so…

Because I lack the knowledge and couldn’t quickly find it via google, I present to you with sketchy formatting (that most likely won’t even show up in RSS) Dialog Study No. 1.


The scene: Kate, 16, has just told Elizabeth, 25, that she can borrow her nearly-brand-new car to drive to work the next day so that Elizabeth does not blow out a tire and die on her way to work.


See, if I weren’t around, who would you hang out with?




OK, well, who would you work out with?




All right, all right. But what about all of our dorky jokes?
Who would do those with you?

Kate considers the question for a moment.


You’re right. I’d be so much cooler.


You so would be.

End Scene.

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