Seven Facts Meme

I’d managed to escape this meme for quite some time, but it finally caught up with me. Thanks, Danielle.

The idea is to share seven facts about yourself and then to tag five people.

Seven Facts about Elizabeth Ditty

  1. During parent-teacher conferences in the fifth grade, my teacher told my parents that I was “eccentric” and “dared to be different.” I’ve never lived it down, though I have learned to embrace it.
  2. One of my favorite movies as a child was The Last Unicorn, which, if you’ve ever seen it, explains a lot about me, I think.
  3. Between college and my current job, I spent five hellish weeks working in the Tire & Lube Express department at Wal-Mart . I was placed there despite knowing next to nothing about cars. But the upside is I can now help you pick out tires and I can take an educated guess at what kind of oil your car uses.
  4. I’ve played just about every major sport (major as defined in the States). Soccer, softball and basketball were the biggies, but I’ve also taken tennis lessons, and I participated in swim team for a number of years in my youth (breaststroke and fly were my specialties). I was a tetherball champion in elementary school. I’ve never played on a volleyball team, but I know the basics. I even did a year of cross country in seventh grade. I also took an introductory epée fencing class in August, and I hope to continue fencing after NaNoWriMo. I’ve never really played football, but I think I get a pass on that, being a girl and all.
  5. A few months ago, I started speaking to my dogs in French. This is mostly an effort to keep my level of French somewhere between elementary and conversational. I think it also makes me a little weird (see No. 1).
  6. I love to cook and bake. I love trying out new recipes, and I love feeding people. But I hate cleaning, so I rarely partake in this hobby these days.
  7. I really enjoy having intellectual conversations with people, be it about books, movies, religion/spirituality, politics, philosophy, whatever. I tend to be fairly quiet in group settings, but if you get me one on one or in a very small group, I’m much more talkative. I love to debate for the sake of learning about people and hearing new perspectives, and my goal is often just to get people to think rather than to convince someone that my stance on any given issue is correct.

Phew, that was harder than I expected. Now to unleash it on other unsuspecting bloggers…

  1. Lee Horne
  2. Matt
  3. Joselyn Martin
  4. JenWriter
  5. SarahCentric

Have fun!

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