Recap: 8 December 2008

It was an exciting weekend for me, at least in the area of media consumption, as I got to use my new HDTV and Blu-ray player for the first time. I’d been using a nice-enough big-screen tube TV, but the difference between it and the new DLP I’m rocking now is pretty amazing.

So, after massive amounts of help from my mom, sisters and sister’s boyfriend, I settled down to watch my first Blu-ray movie, Prince Caspian. I was a bit disappointed to find out most of the special features in which I was most interested are not available on the US-region discs. In fact, the only region that gets Bonus Disc 1 (which includes the LOTR-appendices-type making-of features) is apparently Japan, according to NarniaWeb. That being said, watching one of my favorite movies of the year in high-def Blu-ray was quite fabulous.

What I Watched

  • Trainspotting (3½ stars): A funny but harsh (and honest) look at how heroin addiction affects the lives of a group of Scottish 20-somethings.
  • Ballet Shoes (3 stars): My sister and I watched this because we were interested to see Emma Watson in something outside of the Harry Potter movies, and, while it wasn’t great, it was cute (and there was admittedly one part where I teared up). Apparently this is a rather beloved children’s novel. I hadn’t heard of it, but it does seem like it would make a rather charming little book.
  • The Visitor (3½ stars): This is the story of an emotionally-stilted widower who returns to his rarely-visited New York apartment to find an illegal immigrant couple living there. What follows is a sweet and often heart-breaking story about the widower’s reawakening, so to speak, against the backdrop of the plight illegal immigrants face post 9/11. It’s a pretty eye-opening tale, and, though it gets a bit slow at times, it’s definitely worth seeing.

And just in case you’re interested, this weekend’s box office was filled with hold-overs. Where are all the quality, Oscar-bait films, I wonder?

This Week’s Top 10

  1. Four Christmases ($18.2 million)
  2. Twilight ($13.2 million)
  3. Bolt ($9.7 million)
  4. Australia ($7 million)
  5. Quantum of Solace ($6.6 million)
  6. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa ($5.1 million)
  7. Transporter 3 ($4.5 million)
  8. Punisher: War Zone ($4 million)
  9. Cadillac Records ($3.5 million)
  10. Role Models ($2.6 million)

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