Recap: 22 December 2008

This month has been crazier than expected. I’ve not gotten nearly as much writing done as I’d hoped. In fact, this has been my most slackerish month of the year, which, after churning out as much as I did in November, I suppose is OK. I have at least managed to catch a few movies recently.

What I Watched

  • An American in Paris (3 stars): Hard to go wrong with a classic Gene Kelly musical. The end sequence is a lot more interesting if you know that they’re paying tribute to five different French impressionist painters (including Manet, who’s my favorite painter).
  • I Really Hate My Job (2½ stars): Helmed by Oliver Parker, who’s done a number of Oscar Wilde adaptations (including 2009’s Dorian Gray), this film would have fared better with a more sparkling and perhaps Wildean script. The similarly-themed Caffeine did a better job of embracing its character-driven quirkiness.
  • Little Voice (2½ stars): I had high hopes for this movie, so I was really disappointed to find an almost total lack of character development. It seemed to be trying for a Benny & Joon-type vibe at times, and other times I wasn’t sure what it was going for. The character motivations were unclear, which made the characters’ arcs seem very uneven most of the time. Perhaps it plays better on the stage, but it seemed like a potentially very moving story was really mishandled in the transition to screen.
  • Yes Man (3 stars): I was pleasantly surprised by this fairly standard romantic comedy. It really wasn’t anything like Liar Liar, despite what the previews suggested. It was nice to see Jim Carrey play the straight man to zanier performances throughout a portion of the movie.
  • Pillow Talk (3 stars): A fun, classic Rock Hudson-Doris Day flick. Funny, charming, and all that jazz.

That’s all for now. Hoping to have another update later this week.

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