Recap: 29 March 2009

I’m not quite sure where last week went. Did I really only manage to watch three movies? Weird.

What I Watched

  • I Love You, Man (3½ stars): While not as sharp as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, this movie about a guy with no guy friends showcases the sort of humor with heart that’s become the calling card for the emerging “bromance” genre. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s the most I’ve laughed in a theatre in a long time. It’s also pretty low on raunch for this sort of movie, if that sort of thing bothers you.
  • Easy Virtue (4 stars): This film came out in the UK in November 2008, and I was highly anticipating it for a few months prior to that. Sadly, it’s currently scheduled only for limited release to the States, and not until May 22. So, (through perhaps legally gray means) I procured myself a sneak preview of this quirky gem of a film. It speaks to the quality of the movie that I’m already committing myself to seeing it at least once in theatres (if it gets wide release), buying it on DVD, and purchasing the soundtrack. On the surface, it’s a lighthearted, comic romp through prim British film. But it’s really the dark undercurrent themes that make the movie. It’s a bit uneven: I’d say the first two-thirds of the film is perfectly delightful, but it’s the last third that really grabs you. Or at least me. So, all that being said, if you get the chance to see this film, I encourage you take the opportunity. It’s well worth your time.
  • The White Sheik (3½ stars): I began my Fellini education with one of his earlier films. The term Fellini-esque is more in reference to his later films, like 8½ (which I was told by many fine folks on twitter is a must-see movie but not the place to begin). I thought this film had some really funny parts and also some truly heart-wrenching scenes. The only thing that kept it from getting 4 stars was that I didn’t think the ending was quite as solid as it could have been.

What I Wrote

Just tonight I finished up the first draft of the rewrite of M. Valentine. Feels good to have that out of the way. I’m planning on taking the first 10 pages to the Kansas City BlueCat workshop that’s coming up in May, so I’ll be revisiting it after ScriptFrenzy.

Have I mentioned I’m attempting a stage musical for ScriptFrenzy? No? Well, I am. Since I churn out most of my first drafts in a month anyway, I wanted to take on something that’s truly a challenge for me. And this will definitely fit the bill. I’ve got two more days to get myself a good foundation of planning, and then we’re off to the races. April should be an interesting month!

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