Welcome to My New Home!

Hello, dear readers!  Thanks for following me over to my new home.  I’m still tidying the place up, so things may be a little wonky for a while.  Additionally, all of my old links go to the old blog, which is fine since it’ll be sticking around for a while.  I just won’t be updating there because I’ll be updating here!  I don’t know how to transfer RSS, so, if you were subscribed to the old blog and you’d like to continue to get my posts in your reader, please subscribe to this blog, too.

Thanks again for reading, and have an absolutely lovely weekend!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Home!

    • I don’t think reading my blog and my tweets qualifies as stalking. 🙂 Oh, and that reminds me! I need to get a link to twitter on my nav bar. Thanks!

    • When you’re choosing the appearance, there are some drop-downs to help sort. You can sort by color, number of columns, etc. Then you can preview them to see if you like the way it looks before you commit. This one’s actually temporary as Sister has agreed to design a custom header for me. We’ll see how long it takes her, though. 😉

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