The Rom-Com Poll

brick-heartSometimes the best way to discern how real people feel about a topic is simply to ask.  I spent a fair amount of time trying to find a definitive list of “classic” or “must-see” romantic comedies, but nothing really jumped out at me as authentic.  So, I posed the question to my lovely facebook and twitter friends: What’s your favorite romantic comedy?

What I learned is that a lot of people like a lot of different romantic comedies, some critically hailed and others critically panned.  Out of 39 movies named, only nine received multiple votes, though Love Actually emerged as the runaway leader.  Here the movies and the number of votes they received.

I was surprised that 50 First Dates, which I’d always thought was underappreciated, got as many votes as it did. wood-heartPerhaps it’s becoming less so.  I think there are also a lot of movies out there that people don’t think of as romantic comedies.  Elizabethtown, for instance, most definitely has both comedy and romance, but I don’t generally think of it as a romantic comedy.  Same for The Princess Bride.  More than a few people balked at the genre as a whole, but I’d wager they’re keeping a rather narrow view of what could be classified as a romantic comedy.

With this diverse a crowd of movies, I wonder if there’s any romantic comedy out there that everyone hates.  After all, the movies that touch us in any genre, from what I can tell anyway, seem to be the ones that feel like we’ve walked some aspect of them ourselves.  To paraphrase Cameron Crowe, if you’ve written something that speaks to you, it probably speaks to others — at least some of them — too.

Thanks to everyone (especially the reluctant ones) for playing along!

7 thoughts on “The Rom-Com Poll

  1. I’ve been told I’m an insult to my gender because I tend to dislike most romantic comedies. However, I make expections for the ones that are particularly original (like “Definitely, Maybe”), thought-provoking or sharp, witty and observant. Here are a few I’m disappointed — though not surprised — not to see on this list:

    * “Harold and Maude” — A romance between an octogenarian and a teenager? Yes, I say, if it’s smart, funny and touching!
    * “Kissing Jessica Stein” — I never get tired of movies that remind us we have to be open to ALL possibilities in order to find love
    * “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” — Clementine and Joel get my vote as the most realistic romantic couple EVER
    * “Woman on Top” — This one employs a little magical realism and one very charming Penelope Cruz
    * “Chasing Amy” — Lots of frank discussions about love, lust and how friendship plays into it all

    M. Carter at the Movies

    • Kissing Jessica Stein is on there; it got one mention from one of those reluctant contributors. 🙂

      I haven’t seen Chasing Amy, but I have a friend who watched it and highly recommended it (though it didn’t come to his mind when he answered my poll). I haven’t seen Woman on Top either, but “magical realism” certainly intrigues me.

      Harold & Maude is great, as is Eternal Sunshine. Perhaps they both suffer for not being what people normally think of when they hear the term “romantic comedy.”

  2. I find that, on average, I’m not a fan of most contemporary rom-coms. Give me some old-fashioned witty, flirtatious banter and I’m happy.

    Though, to be fair, I’m also not a fan of many comedies, in general, that are made today.

  3. You know, I wasn’t even thinking when I gave you my response. Bridget Jones stuck out the most because it’s my favorite. The worst one I liked? Don Juan. My husband groans at the very mention of the movie, but darn, it was good.

  4. So I’m probably going out on a limb, but I actually HATE Princess Bride. Can’t stand it. I know it’s so many people’s faves, but not for me. Let the produce throwing begin.

    • WHAT? Danielle, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Are you *sure* you don’t like The Princess Bride? Did you perhaps have a bad viewing experience that has tainted your recollection of it? There has to be an explanation!

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