[FridayFlash] A Love Story

FrdayFlashBadge02Thought I’d try my hand at #fridayflash since it’s about time to start warming up for NaNoWriMo.  Just a quick little character study piece.  I’m taking part in the Screenwriting Expo’s Cyberspace Open this weekend, so I didn’t want to get into anything too involved here.  Hoping to have something a little more story-like next week.  Anyway, have a good weekend, everyone!

It was a beautiful wedding.  I know everyone says that, but it’s actually true in this case.  And even if it weren’t, no one would dare argue with me because, firstly, it was my wedding, and secondly, I’m 87 years old and no one wants to excite me for fear of stressing my heart to its breaking point.  It’s because of that second fact that the wedding even happened.  Sure, there were a few hesitant questions from wilting flowers who thought I was being swindled.

“Are you sure she loves you?” they’d asked whilst wringing their hands and staring at me in a way I’m sure they thought was meaningful instead of simpering.

How does a person answer that anyway?  Is anyone ever sure that another person sincerely loves them?  Of course not.  It’s a leap of faith, or maybe even turning a blind eye, but there’s never certainty, and it’s a fool’s errand to expect it.  The truth of the matter is, if you’re not miserable, then who cares?  Nonetheless, I’d always answer that question in the confident affirmative because I knew it’d make them feel better, and I’m not here to cause anyone pain when I can avoid it.

What I’d love to tell them but never would is that I know very well my new bride doesn’t love me.  And I don’t care.  I don’t love her either.  We’re performing a service for each other.  We’re symbionts.  I get an aesthetically pleasing, intelligent companion with whom to spend the remainder of my days, few as they may be.  She gets a provider of both financial wealth and the wisdom that can only come with the number of years I’ve lived.  She should not be vilified for this, and I should not be made out to be a senile old man.  But we will be.

People can’t let go of the fairytale, I guess.  They can’t understand that we are simply two realistic people who know what we want.  Valuing these cerebral things over hormonal attraction — which is scientifically proven to fade for most couples after two years, by the way — should not make us outcasts.  And yet, we’re happy to sacrifice social acceptance, too.  What we lack by way of a passionate affair we more than make up for in mutual and devoted respect for each other.  “Mutual and devoted respect.”  Hm.  You know, that doesn’t sound so different from love after all.

­© Elizabeth Ditty 2009

16 thoughts on “[FridayFlash] A Love Story

  1. Interesting. Character studies fascinate me, because most people are so quick to judge on outward appearances. This could have been written about Marshal and Anna-Nicole, for example.

    I love the last line.

  2. I loved the last line.
    Your character seems well adjusted and accepting of the situation he chose. Hopefully his bride is as happy with her choice…. especially if you’re writing a wedding night. [grins at you]
    Thanks for sharing.
    Karen :0)

  3. Intriguing piece.

    As a young divorcee, I propose to you this question: Is it better to be lonely but committed to your beliefs, ideals and dreams…or is it better to compromise your identity and dreams for companionship?

    • What hope can a person have for true companionship if he or she is sacrificing identity? A person has to be committed to his or her beliefs, ideals and dreams; otherwise any connection is superficial and forced. Even if it’s fun and/or comfortable in the beginning, a person can only pretend to be someone else for so long. That’s my two cents on the subject anyway. 🙂

  4. I thought this was pretty funny in a macabre, celebrity sham marriage way. I did wonder at some of the language though. It didn’t really sound like an 87 year old man to me. Do they say ‘I guess’ for example? Perhaps if they’re getting down with it with a good lookin’ youngster they may!

    Welcome to #fridayflash 🙂

  5. Good character study. He sounds like he has his feet firmly planted on the ground. I thought the opening paragraph sounded very feminine. It’s been my experience that most guys don’t talk about lovely weddings. I had to sort of reorient to a male POV, but overall it worked well.

    I’ll be doing NaNo too.

  6. Nice job here. I like this guy, but have to agree that he was a little feminine sounding at first. Not that that is a bad thing, who says old men have to be crotchety . He sounds like a man comfortable in his own skin and that can make for an interesting character. I did a character study this week too, also for my NaNo project. Glad to have you on #fridayflash.

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