Merry Happy

I’ve wanted to send out a 100-word Christmas story with my Christmas cards for a few years now.  This is the first year I’ve gotten around to writing a story.  Alas, I did not get around to actually sending Christmas cards.  So, I present it here instead, along with my wishes for a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it and a lovely day regardless.

And to make up for the mush, I’ll also share this riveting piece of cinema, created by my sister and myself as a bit of Christmas entertainment for our family.

11 thoughts on “Merry Happy

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  2. Hi Elizabeth, This is a really sweet sentiment and really well told in just 100 words. Wow! There was no need to make up for the mush with the video, but I’m glad you did! My favorite part was when Santa Claws knocked over the tree! Hilarious! ~ Olivia

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