Haiku Review: 12 January 2010

I’m tired of doing normal mini-reviews, so I’m going to try my hand at doing haiku reviews instead.  If you’d like to know what I thought about a particular movie in more detail, just ask. 🙂

Arsenic and Old Lace (4 stars):  screwball comedy / with a bit of slapstick, too / Cary Grant is hot

District 9 (5 stars): men v. aliens / against odds, two join forces/ one of the year’s best

Blind Date (4 stars): a tragic story / hopeful yet melancholy / captivating leads

Nine (2½ stars): pretty to look at / A few enjoyable songs / otherwise empty

Nosferatu (3 stars): vampires are scary / and can haunt your dreams with ease / when they’re not sparkly

The General (4 stars): a silent movie / with a delightful story / and Buster Keaton

Up in the Air (4 stars): a story about / the worth of what we carry / or leave behind us

What’s Up, Doc? (3 stars): Barbara Streisand / plays a screwball heroine / who gets what she wants

Kill Bill Vol. 2 (5 stars): revenge fantasy / and unknown consequences / not for claustrophobes

Statuesque [short film] (4 stars): Neil Gaiman directs / a short, silent film about / statues come to life

Avatar (4 stars): we’ve seen this before / but it’s still a good story / with gorgeous visuals

Shaun of the Dead (4 stars): a zombie movie / that spoofs but has lots of heart / Simon Pegg is great

The Bicycle Thief (2 stars): black, white, and silent / an Italian classic film / I hate the ending

Rebel Without A Cause (4 stars): a James Dean movie / that was surprisingly great / holds up against time

The First Wives Club (2½): so-so comedy / about fed-up ex-spouses / who get their revenge

Leap Year (2½): guilty pleasure film / rom-com clichés left and right / Ozymandias

2 thoughts on “Haiku Review: 12 January 2010

  1. Ha! I very much enjoy your Arsenic and Old Lace and Nosferatu haikus. I enjoyed the First Wives Club, though! I haven’t seen it in a very long time, however.

    • I hadn’t seen it in a long time either, and it didn’t live up to the memory for me. It wasn’t terrible or anything. Just meh. Glad you liked the haikus. 🙂

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