Haiku Review: 18 April 2010

So, I’m posting this something like 12 days after I intended, but it’s April and that means Screnzy + soccer + more soccer, and I’m busy.  So sue me.  But please keep reading my blog. 🙂  Also, if there’s one thing that can be learned from my Haiku Reviews, it’s that I like Cary Grant.  So here’s a picture to make up for the super-lengthy delay.

Aw, Cary! A flower and smoldering gaze for me? You shouldn't have!

Notorious (4 stars): Hitchcock delivers / Cary Grant’s best performance / plus great female role

The Cove (4 stars): surprisingly fair / with huge amounts of research / hard to watch at times

Lethal Weapon 2 (3 stars): the toilet bomb scene / is worth price of admission / on its very own

Precious (3 stars): good performances / but too melodramatic / for my normal tastes

Butterflies are Free (3½ stars): flighty hippie chick / befriends and falls for blind guy / in sweet funny film

The Bounty Hunter (2 stars): wanted to be like / His Girl Friday but failed / so miserably

HouseSitter (3½ stars): Steve Martin flustered / by Goldie Hawn’s odd antics / makes hilarity

My Man Godfrey (5 stars): like Easy Virtue / happy and before the war / kooky and awesome

The Big Sleep (4 stars): whodunit and why / Bogey and Bacall trade barbs / and light up the screen

She Done Him Wrong (3 stars): pre-code scandalous / plus a young suave Cary Grant / yes please I want more

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (2½ stars): kind of cute in parts / swimming pool number is weird / never quite grabbed me

Casablanca (5 stars): doesn’t get better / if you haven’t seen this film / please fix right away

Gone With The Wind (4 stars): i loved the first half / second was quite a downer / a gorgeous epic

How to Train Your Dragon (4 stars): like Lilo & Stitch / at turns poignant and so fun / want a dragon now

Chloe (3 stars): first half got five stars / but the end went off the rails / not in a good way

People Will Talk (3 stars): lighthearted movie / about serious issues / plus it’s Cary Grant

The Guild, Seasons 1, 2 & 3 (5 stars): hilarious look / at collisions of real life / and online networks

She’s Out of My League (3½ stars): a sweet knee-slapper / one of the better rom-coms / of the past few years

4 thoughts on “Haiku Review: 18 April 2010

  1. “Precious” is “melodramatic”? Wow, I’m kinda surprised by that. Actually, I thought the drama was handled well, particularly on Gabourey Sidibe’s end. I admit the last 10 minutes were pretty intense, but they sucked me in.

    Great haiku on “The Big Sleep” — just saw that for the first time and LOVED IT. I’m totally hooked on Bogie now.

    • For me, it wasn’t the acting that was melodramatic, but the story. The performances were genuinely good, Sidibe was fantastic, esp. considering how different her personality is in real life. I’d read the screenplay prior to seeing the film and actually thought they toned down the melodrama a bit for the film, but, in general, I’m just not a huge fan of that type of story. But it does give actors a chance to put in some powerhouse performances, and they certainly did so in PRECIOUS.

      And Bogie really is addictive. I never really got the appeal until I saw CASABLANCA. Now, I can’t get enough. 🙂 If you haven’t seen WE’RE NO ANGELS, check it out during the holiday season — you’ll be in for a treat.

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