[Ditty Makes a Short Film] Part 6: And Now, We Proudly Present…

Having had the opportunity to show LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR to my friends and family Saturday evening (and having survived said showing without any booing or flying rotten produce), I now offer up my short film for the world-at-large’s viewing pleasure (hopefully).

I must take a moment once again to thank my wonderful cast and crew for helping me take something from my brain and make it watchable.  I had a fantastic time, and I learned a ton, and it obviously would not have been possible without you guys.  So, Danny, Ashley, Mike, Danielle, and Kate: THANK YOU. You guys rock.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a look at some of the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes at the shoot.

14 thoughts on “[Ditty Makes a Short Film] Part 6: And Now, We Proudly Present…

  1. Man am I glad this didn’t stink. I was all “Hey, I actually asked if this was going to be online. If it’s awful, I’ll have to not tweet for a week and pretend I was sick and forgot…” Luckily for us both, it was great.

    What’s super-impressive about this is that usually 95% of first timer shorts are completely unwatchable because they’re so flat. It’s like people understand dialogue, action and story/content has to be there, but never think about what to do with the camera. But this is beautifully framed, especially considering how you had to keep things interesting in such a restrictive space, and obviously without any David Fincher/Buried-style movable walls or camera trickery, and with nothing but a good eye.

    I especially liked the shot of the picture in the hallway framed between the two doors as it closed, and the celebratory dance of the guy at one end of the frame, with his arms reaching out, and then the cut down to the girl at the other end, with his jigging feet.

    It’s brave to have no dialogue, but it totally works in this instance as (I find anyway) that flirty dialogue is the hardest to write, and here, the audience is probably projecting so it’s a little of that “power of the imagination” thing. Also, there’s more of a feel that we’re just fading in and out and catching snatches of these little moments, which would be more staccato and rigid if you had the stop-start-stop-start of actual lines which need a beginning and end. The sweetness of the interactions, combined with the lack of dialogue give it a kinda silent movie feel, an oldschool Hollywood romance vibe.

    I shouldn’t talk about myself over your big moment, but it’d make a nice double feature if ever they made a film out of part of Volume II, which has a stuck-in-lifts theme.

    Anyway, really good work. You obviously have a director’s eye and a great visual sense, which some people will just never ‘get,’ and it was a nicely told story too. Oh, and I did giggle at the first reveal of the dog picture. More please, and maybe next time we’ll get to hear some dialogue too.

    Two thumbs up.

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  3. Well done, Ditty! This short film was so beautifully done! I loved it! My favorite part was when the “girl” brought out the food. There is something so intimate about sharing food! I found myself smiling throughout the entire thing! You are so talented!

    • Thanks, Leah! Apparently Danny thought the same thing, as he said in the outtakes, “I think it’s important that I drink more water to establish we’ve gotten more comfortable with each other.” 🙂

  4. Cool! I clicked on this and immediately, I thought, Hey, I know these guys! I knew you guys were talented…and this is great work, and a great looking website!

  5. Awww…very cute! Cannot tell you how excited I was to see my Grandog’s photo in the film twice too. What a nice bonus! I think you did an excellent job on your short film. Nonverbal, but 100% Clear in your communication of the message! Yeah for you and your actors/actresses! Will look forward to your next presentation!

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