The Inaugural Episode of the No-Name Movie Podcast

Matt and I argue about movies a lot. After doing our little debate a while back about THE BICYCLE THIEF, we got to thinking that maybe a podcast would be a good forum for that sort of thing, too.  And so, we figured, why not give it a shot? So we have.

Here’s what we cover in our first episode:

  • 2D vs. 3D
  • Movies out now worth seeing
  • Movies coming out soon worth seeing
  • 127 HOURS
  • Netflix Picks (our non-current-release recommendations)

If you’ve got something to add to the conversation, suggestions, comments, criticism, etc., we’d love to hear from you in the comments.  That is, after all, the point of us doing this whole thing. 🙂

So, without further ado, here it is.

(Direct download here.)

As you may have noticed, we’re still looking for a name, as the one we had in mind is already taken. So, if you’ve got any ideas, share in the comments, or tweet at us (@ditty1013 and @litrock). If we use your idea, we’ll send you an Amazon gift card to say thanks!

8 thoughts on “The Inaugural Episode of the No-Name Movie Podcast

  1. Great stuff. You both avoided what’s often the death-knell of a podcast, which is dreary, droning voices. You sounded very animated and professional, and listenable. I listen to the Slash Filmcast a lot, and this reminded me of that, so, good going, especially for a try-out.

    I’m only a few hours out from Black Swan, so I’m still reeling, but I see why it would be a good companion piece to The Wrestler. There’s a lot of common ground there in about getting lost within a persona, and where artists/performers find the line between art and life starting to blur.

    The only names I can think revolve around terrible puns.

    • Thanks for your kind comments; very glad you got something out of it. For the record, I hate the way my voice sounds on recording. Always have and likely always will, but I don’t think that’s atypical.

      I still don’t really feel able to put my feelings about BLACK SWAN into coherent words. I’m hoping to catch it again once it comes to Kansas City, but I’m honestly not sure it’ll help. It’s a film that hit me more at a core level than at a brain level, if that makes any sense at all. It was really a pretty unique experience, which is why I loved it so much.

      • As far as hating your voice, I did have to restrain from replying with “OMG, I LOVE YOUR ACCENT <3"

        I'm so glad I didn't, because that would have been wicked-lame.

    • @Stuart: The /Filmcast is very much a motivating factor for me, at least in leading the discussion in the first one. Most listenable, enjoyable film podcast on the internet, so your comparison is high praise.

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