[#Reverb10] Dec. 21: Future Self

#Reverb10 is a movement to encourage folks to tackle a daily prompt with the intent of reflecting on their year. If you’d like to get involved, it’s not too late! You can backtrack to previous prompts or simply jump in where you are. If you’re interested, you can see all my #reverb10 posts here.

Dec. 21: Future Self: Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?) (Author: Jenny Blake)

So, I totally misread this and wrote a letter to myself 10 years from now, and then a letter from myself 10 years from now to my current self. Which left me feeling very schizophrenic and thinking…

“You should know, this is the strangest thing I have ever done!”

(On a side note, if you have not seen TANGLED, get thee to a cinema! Now! You can thank me later.)

And then I figured, what the hell, might as well do the bonus the right way, too.  So, now I’ve got three letters to my selves.  Here they are.

(Apologetically Helpless) 2010 Ditty to (Terribly Naïve) 2000 Ditty

Dear 2000 Ditty,

I’m not going to lie. You’ve got some rough years ahead, friend.  It’s not all bad, of course, especially toward the end of the 10 years.  Best of all, you rediscover who you are.  I kind of like to think of 2001 through 2008 as Simba’s Lost Years.  2009’s sort of the year you take back Pride Rock.  And 2010’s when everything starts growing again.  So, it all ends up sort of beautiful, in the end.

So, chin up.  You’ll get through, and you’ll be better off and stronger and happier than you will, at times, believe you can be.

And because a letter from one’s future self is never complete without a cryptic message, I’ll leave you with this: You’ll get your Eowyn moment, but you won’t fully understand it until you’re writing this very letter.

Having survived and thrived,
2010 Ditty

(Unbearably Earnest) 2010 Ditty to 2020 Ditty

Dear 2020 Ditty,

I’ve got high hopes for you.
I hope someone is paying you to do what you love.
I hope you’re still doing what you love, even if no one is yet.
I hope you’ve found love, or that love has found you, and in a way that doesn’t hurt.
I hope you’ve found satisfaction from time to time, but that you’ve never let yourself become complacent.
Part of me hopes you’re a little more polished, mostly when you’re really nervous.
Part of me hopes you’re still a huge dweeb, especially when you’re really excited about something.
I sort of hope you still occasionally get mistaken for a high schooler, though that’d be pretty impressive at your age. No offense.  Maybe a college student, though?
I hope you’ve seen some really cool, new places, and I hope you’ve made it back to the places you already love, like London and Paris and Disney World.
I hope you’ve kept friends and made new ones.
I hope you’ve been surprised.
Mostly I hope you’re happy with where you’ve been and where you are and where you’re going, and that you are still in the middle of this grand adventure called life.

Carpe diem,
2010 Ditty

And finally, (Annoyingly Vague) 2020 Ditty to 2010 Ditty

Dear 2010 Ditty,

Everything has happened exactly as it should have happened.  It probably hasn’t gone as you’ve imagined, but it’s gone well, nonetheless.  You’ve survived everything, and you’ve had a pretty fantastic time along the way.  So, hakuna matata, OK?  No worries, no fear, and always CARPE DIEM.  That’s how you get here.  It’s all happening, and it’s all good.

Enjoy the ride,
2020 Ditty

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