The No-Name Movie Blog and Other Happenings

For those of you who enjoyed the Inaugural No-Name Movie Podcast, Matt and I did back in December, we’ve set up a new home for it over at The No-Name Movie Blog.  Matt and I will both be doing some film-related posts over there, so, if you’re interested, hop on over and check it out.  Of possible note:

In other news-ish type things, I’ve started working on my next short film, which is significantly more ambitious (as most “next short films” probably should be) and also, well, darker than LiaE.  It’s based on a short story idea I had whilst in London, and it involves a human statue.  That’s all I can reveal for now, as it’s still very, very, very early in the process, but I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for this one.

Also on the agenda for the next couple of weeks is doing one more pass on ‘TIL DEATH PARTS US to incorporate some stellar feedback from Lucy V, David and Stuart, and then it’ll be time to start [gasp!] querying.  Scary stuff, but it’s doing no one any good sitting in a drawer — at least not me anyway.

So, that’s me in a nutshell at the moment.  I’m planning on doing a full write-up of my Oscar picks, but can I just say how sad I am that TANGLED didn’t get nominated?  Don’t get me wrong — I loved TOY STORY 3 and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, and I’ve heard lovely things about THE ILLUSIONIST, but come on!  Boo.  That’s what I have to say about that.  How about you all?  Any surprises, shocks or disappointments?  Anything you want to see now that you didn’t before?

4 thoughts on “The No-Name Movie Blog and Other Happenings

  1. Ooh, a new short, exciting 😀 Sounds like a neat concept too.

    I won’t do an Oscar write-up, so I guess I’ll spill my few thoughts right here. I hated the idea of the 10 Best Picture nominees, but this year’s list is *slightly* less “And here’s the other five that totally won’t win!” than 2010. I know it’s great to bring the Oscar related attention to more movies, but it still feels like more of a gesture than anything.

    There’s nothing super surprising in there. I’m thrilled Natalie Portman’s nominated, but that was a no-brainer, and there were a couple of nice nods for less raved-about performances that I personally enjoyed; Jacki Weaver in ANIMAL KINGDOM, John Hawkes in WINTER’S BONE, and of course DOGTOOTH, which you hated :-p

    All the fuss about THE KING’S SPEECH (of which there is a lot here, because the British press always turn it into a tedious, flag-waving, us against them, “Let’s show the Yanks what we’re made of!” thing) has pushed me into deciding I have to see it, despite never having been less grabbed by the premise of a movie. But you loved it, right? So who knows. I did decide that in 2011 I would start watching more movies I would usually avoid.

    I would hope for BLACK SWAN to sweep everything, but I think it’s just too out-there for most voters, so it’s probably between THE KING’S SPEECH and SOCIAL NETWORK. TRUE GRIT might do okay, although I can’t see Bridges getting the gong two years on the trot.

    I’m not a particular fan of Banksy – I find him almost unbearably pretentious – but it’s kinda cool that he’s now Oscar nominated, while I like Trent Reznor more, so that’s very cool. I might do a picks thing closer to the night, and I’m looking forwards to reading your thoughts.

    • WINTER’S BONE was another one that didn’t hit for me. I’d give it this year’s PRECIOUS award for “Best Movie About a Girl Who Survives All Manner of Bad Things Against All Odds But Still Leaves the Audience Feeling Uber-Depressed.”

      And yes, I did love THE KING’S SPEECH. Quite a bit in fact. But I also loved BLACK SWAN and THE SOCIAL NETWORK. So I’m cool with those three splitting most of the awards. I really like Jeff Bridges, but if he wins over Colin Firth again, it will hurt my soul. (Dramatic? Yes. I was honestly OK with how it went down last year, but Mr. Firth is brilliant in THE KING’S SPEECH.)

      I did get around to watching EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP. I think it’s cool a documentary like that got Oscar recognition, even though I think the second half is far more compelling than the first. Still a very interesting film.

      I’ve still got to catch THE FIGHTER, which I’ve avoided ’til now, not because it looks bad but because I feel like I could watch ROCKY instead. And I’d like to catch all the films with acting and screenplay nominations, too, if there’s time. The life of a movie lover — oi!

  2. I agree with your disappointment about Tangled NOT being nominated in animated films. Best film of the year as far as I’m concerned. The only film nominated there that I have pre-ordered. Haven’t even bought Toy Story 3 which in my case means alot. It was good, but the only reason it was nominated in my opinion is because the adults got weepy about their kids growing up. Tangled was much better!

    • I do think TOY STORY 3 was very good, and I think it deserved a nomination. The problem with the Animated Feature nominations this year is they were one eligible film short of expanding the category to five nominees. Otherwise TANGLED would have been nominated without a doubt, and I’d guess probably DESPICABLE ME, too. I’ve heard good things about THE ILLUSIONIST, and I loved HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, but TANGLED tops all the ones I’ve seen. And, as I said in this month’s podcast, I gave it the trophy for my Favorite Film of 2010.

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