Trade Me! A Story for a Rose (Valentine’s 2011)

This weekend I coerced my sister into helping me indulge my Valentine’s Day fascination.  We took to Kansas City’s Town Center Plaza with a bundle of roses and a camera, and we spent the evening asking people to share their stories with us in exchange for a rose.

It took a while for people to warm up to us, but as night and temperatures fell and made us look increasingly pathetic shivering in the cold, more and more folks shared their stories with us.  Some were funny, and some were sad, and some were very sweet.  And now, for Valentine’s Day, I have the honor of sharing them with you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

9 thoughts on “Trade Me! A Story for a Rose (Valentine’s 2011)

  1. What a fun project! Good for you stepping out there. My favorite story was he has kissed where she walked, and showered her with flowers…Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  2. Excellent execution of a neat idea. I tweeted it because it’d be cool to see it go viral today.

    What’s with the burning bins, though? Were they for unhappy Valentines people to hurl themselves into? Because from here, they look pretty enticing.

    • The ice rink attendants actually took pity on us and turned them on a bit early because we were so cold. It’s actually a pretty cool little flower/fountain feature they’ve got going there, and we were ridiculously grateful for the heat. In fact, it may have been my favorite thing about Valentine’s Day this year.

      • Ah, ok. Reminded me of the things you see hobos around in movies is all. The Valentine’s efforts of men must be pretty weak this year to be outdone as the favourite thing by a burning bin.

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  4. Hey there, just poking around and I found this. Great fun. Wish I could have been there, I have a great story. But don’t we all? Keep up the good work!

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