[STILL] Stories and Storyboards

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you are better slept than I am, and I hope that if you are as critically underslept it is for reasons as delightful as mine.

I found out Friday I made the Top 100 + Ties and advanced to Round 2 of Creative Screenwriting’s Cyberspace Open, which is pretty fun (you can see my entry here, if you’re interested), and gives me another screenwriting task to tackle immediately after my current one ends — I’m hauling arse this week to finish my script for resubmission to BlueCat’s Fellini Competition.  The deadline is Friday, which happens to be the day we’re all meant to receive our premise for Round 2.  I’ve also got freelance work that weekend, as it turns out.  Sometimes I feel like living proof of the old adage, “When it rains, it pours.”  Thankfully, it’s pouring good things at the moment.

On Saturday, Matt & I recorded another No-Name Movie Podcast, and we’d love for you to give it a listen if you have the time and inclination.

Also on Saturday, I bribed my sister with Chipotle and had her come over and sketch some storyboards for the short film.  She’s a talented kid, and it was really exciting to see the words on the page turn into something visual.

She came up with some really neat ideas, and I think they’ll give Amy (my DP) and myself a great jumping-off point for expansion prior to the shoot itself.



I also got a firm commitment from my Human Statue himself, Mike Burgess, so, along with Amy, my two biggest puzzle pieces are now in place.  Here he is with his gorgeous wife, Danielle (photo by Fantasma Imagery).

He’s got the right amount of stillness and energy I need for my Human Statue (plus I know he can pull off weird costumes), so I’m stoked (if you’ll allow the old-school terminology) that he’s committed.  Mike & Danielle served as production assistant and script supervisor, respectively, and also had cameos in LiaE, plus they’re just a delight to have around, so I’m very pleased to be working with them again.

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