[#Reverb11] Primitive Telemetry

This is not the official August prompt, but it is the Seed Words prompt linked in the August Reverb11 e-mail, and that is good enough for me right now. I like to engage in a little poetry now & then, as it exercises the brain in its own unique way. If you’re a writer (or any sort of creative), you might check it out (installment #2 here) & give it a shot yourself, whether you go the poetry route or somewhere else entirely. If you do & want to share, link me in the comments, as I’d like to read what you come up with!

my telemetry is primitive
i fear i misread every signal
if they are even there
at all
mirages on a journey
to find water in a desert
i find a valve
and open it
look for direction
but what drains
is me
even an iron will can rust
the current
once electric
now shocks
but for now
i remain in orbit
if i will ever stop
going in circles

© 2011 Elizabeth Ditty
Prompt words via Kathy Kottaras: water, limit, valve, electric, iron, orbit, telemetry, signal, drains, look

3 thoughts on “[#Reverb11] Primitive Telemetry

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