Much to my shock and delight, I found out Wednesday that I’ve been named an Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition semifinalist for ‘TIL DEATH PARTS US.  That evening, I received a congratulatory phone call from the festival folks, during which I was informed that I was one of 18 semifinalists out of more than 2500 entries in the comedy category.

I’ve been truly impressed with everything AFF does for its semifinalists, and I’d already been toying with attending the festival anyway. So, in October, I’ll officially be heading to my very first bonafide film festival. I rotate between being super excited, and super nervous, and totally overwhelmed by the opportunity to see and perhaps even meet not only industry professionals but legends.

So it’s going to be a busy couple of months to say the least. I’m still in post on STILL, I’m back at work on a new spec script (and putting it here makes it official, so feel free to guilt-trip me about it), I’m taking the GRE in less than two weeks, I’m heading to New Orleans for a quick tourist excursion at the end of this month, and then I’ve got AFF toward the end of October. After which I will promptly collapse for a few days before I hopefully drag my brain into NaNoWriMo.  But it’s all wonderful, and this is the kind of busy I can get behind.

Finally, congrats to all the folks who made the second round & to my fellow semifinalists.  If any of you out there are also attending the festival, let me know so we can say hello!

7 thoughts on “Austin-Bound

  1. It’s all about you, isn’t it? What do they have in Austin anyway? Is it famous for any sort of delicious treat? Nothing leaps to mind.

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