[short fiction] Notice

Updates, end of year reviews and top 10 lists soon. Until then, here’s a little holiday drabble. Hope you enjoy.


Winter wonderlands. White Christmases. Sleigh rides, hot chocolate. Snow ball fights and snow angels. Cozying up by the fire.
That’s me, you know.
Not the fat man in red.
Not his eight or nine reindeer.
Not his jolly elf army.
It’s all me.
I’m not the enemy.
I make the magic.
All I’m asking for is a little credit where credit’s due.
Consider this your notice.
You’ll call it what you want. An unseasonably warm trend. A heat wave. El Niño. Global warming.
You’ll want me back sooner or later.
You always do.
Until then, Jack Frost is on strike.

© 2011 Elizabeth Ditty

2 thoughts on “[short fiction] Notice

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