The #JanPhotoaDay Challenge — And Why Photo Challenges Are Good for Writers

From time to time on Pinterest, I stumble across a daily photo challenge that piques my interest. In January, I finally decided to take the plunge and participate using fat mum slim‘s prompts as my template.

The keys for me to doing a challenge like this are 1) sharing, 2) allowing yourself to catch up, and 3) using a little creative license when you’re stuck — since the point is, after all, to be creative.

So what’s the benefit for writers? It teaches you to always be looking to your surroundings for inspiration. When you do a challenge like this, you have to find the interesting in the mundane, the beautiful in the ordinary things we see every day. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of opening your eyes or peeling them away from your computer screen; other times it’s a matter of changing your perspective.  It forces you to use your imagination, to solve problems, and to tell a tiny story with a single picture (something that is, perhaps, even more beneficial for screenwriters in particular).  Plus it’s super fun, and when you’re stuck in the Doldrums of Act Two, every little bit of fun you can pass off as creative work helps.

And bonus: If you veer toward the sentimental like I do, it’s kind of fun to have these small moments documented throughout the month to look back on.

So I’ll be participating again in February, again using fat mum slim’s handy prompts. If you’re a writer or fancy yourself creative in any way, you should definitely consider it. It’s such an easy creative outlet with nearly everyone’s phone having a camera on it these days, and you’re looking at about one to two minutes of effort a day, if that. If you’ve got an iPhone, you can use instagram to perk up your photos. I have an Android phone, so I use the Camera360 app, which has done a lovely job (though sometimes I do pull out my fancypants camera on days my phone just won’t get me the detail I want).  Here’s the list:

And last but not least, here’s what I ended up for January (click to see at proper size & not all grainy):

3 thoughts on “The #JanPhotoaDay Challenge — And Why Photo Challenges Are Good for Writers

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