Random Thoughts on a Windy Day

I just saw a bolt of lightning in the distance and silently squealed with kid-like delight. I love storms, at least the kind where they’re just a little scary like a good rollercoaster or a solid horror film rather than the sort where they threaten lives or to blow away childhood homes.

There’s a storm brewing on the horizon now, one they’ve been promising for days that keeps getting delayed for whatever reason the weather does things, and I sort of feel like that’s my life right about now.  I’m not even going to attempt to form this into a cohesive post today, but here are some thoughts currently swirling around in my brain.

Nicholl deadline is in 4 days, & other important ones follow in quick succession.  Meaning my view for the weekend will be variations of this.

Screenwriting at Starbucks

A screenwriter at Starbucks? How original!

Self-employment tax is a real kick in the teeth, isn’t it?

Assuming there’s no relationship disaster between now and the clock ticking over to Saturday, I’ve got a six-montherversary tomorrow. Haven’t had one of those in… well, I’d’ve been a senior in high school, and I had my 10-year reunion last year, so… Well, it’s been a while. And that’s a bit weird. But mostly just pretty wonderful.

On the other hand, the boyfriend seems to think he can, as he put it, “roflstomp” me at Super Smash Bros. So, that relationship disaster could be looming after all when this lady & I kick his arse.

Ditty & Zelda – A Match Made in ArseKickingdom

Ditty & Zelda – Coming Soon to an Arse-Kicking Near You Especially if Your Name is Tyler & You are Dating Ditty

My mom keeps teasing me with offers to sell me her iPad and then backing out. Next thing I know she’s going to attach it to a fishing pole and dangle it barely out of my reach just for kicks.  Right this very minute, I’ve got an e-mail from her that says, “It’s very possible I could sell you my iPad.” And the subtext to that is, “And it’s also very possible I will NOT sell you my iPad! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”  I just don’t know how much longer my heart can take this cruel, cruel game.

I took part in a photoshoot with some of my fellow freelancing friends the other day.  Amy, my DP for STILL (which is coming out of hiatus and going back into post-production in May, so help me God!), had the brilliant and terrible idea to do a sort of video business card thing. Brilliant because, well, it is. Terrible because it required me to be in front of the camera, thus re-proving to myself that I am meant to be behind it. The worst part was I got my self-written lines right on the first take, but it was too windy & didn’t take. So I then proceeded to botch the next three attempts and became the only person of our quintet to drop curse words for the day.  So that was fun.

The Crew

Here’s some street art I found that seemed pretty appropriate given my failure to maintain on-camera composure.

Street Art - Photograph by Elizabeth Ditty

Lastly, I’ve been a homeowner for a week now. Feels a bit funny when everyone offers a hearty congratulations considering I’ve been living here for seven years & just bought the place from my parents, but I guess it’s still a good thing. If you consider massive amounts of debt you’re contracted to pay off over the next 30 years of your life a good thing anyway.

Coffee's for Closers.

Confession: I bought this drink just so I could take this picture and caption it "Coffee's for closers."

And hey, the sun’s out again. Go figure. That’s it for me, folks. Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the last bits of April, since the rest of it disappeared to who knows where!

P.S. — My friend Matt is doing his first movie review assignment for Screened today, so stay tuned to his twitter to see the article, and check out his blog for some stellar film analysis in the meantime.  Also, my friend Stuart has a collection of dark short stories being featured for free on Amazon today, so do check it out!

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