May by the Numbers (Plus Re-Entry Into Responsible-ish Adulthood)

Despite May having suddenly appeared out of nowhere, I’m feeling much less manic than I was at the beginning of last month.  But I am still neurotic and like numbers, so, here’s…

May by the Numbers

  • Number of scripts sent out into the world on Sunday: 3
  • Hours worked at the day job in April: 144
  • Hours worked freelance in April: 42
  • Number of houses purchased in April: 1
  • Age I’ll be at the end of my home loan: 59
  • Number of days ’til the beach: 13
  • Number of days ’til I have to fit into a bridesmaid dress: 80
  • Number of spreadsheets I’m currently using on a daily basis: 11
  • Number of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs still in my freezer: 17, miraculously
  • Days ’til our Denver trip to see The Book of Mormon: 104
  • Number of dollars I spent at Starbucks and Chipotle in April: I am afraid to look.
  • Number of short films I’m meant to complete this month: 1
  • Square inches of available counter space in my kitchen at the moment: 4.5
  • Length of average blade of grass in my yard (in inches): 7
  • Books started in April: 3
  • Books finished in April: 0

(Probably Temporary) Re-Entry Into Adulthood

So, now that I’ve got the scripts out the door (and before I jump back into post-production on STILL), I’m shifting priorities just ever so slightly toward attempting a semi-normal routine for a semi-responsible adult. This mostly involves working out, getting my house back to a state of “mostly presentable” rather than its current state of Did a small tribe of messy squatters move in here while your eyes were glued to your computer screen?!,  something I’m calling the #MakeYourOwnFood initiative (which involves — you guessed it — making my own food in order to save money & give the poor folks at Chipotle a break), finding some balance by making time to read for pleasure, and probably mowing my lawn (or bribing the boyfriend to do it with the fruits of the #MakeYourOwnFood initiative).

Regarding said initiative, I’ve decided to really have at it for a week, during which I’m not eating out unless someone else is cooking or buying (i.e., I’m not paying for food, except my non-negotiable morning coffee hit). I actually really love cooking, and it’s hard to point out a more tangible form of creativity.  But I hate cleaning, and that makes for a rather poor combination especially when I’m swamped with other things.  It’s only halfway through Day 2, but so far, so good!

Rocket Salad by Ditty!

Rocket & tomato salad with homemade honey-dijon dressing. First thoughts: "What is this green stuff, and why didn't it come in a Chipotle sack?"
Second thoughts: "Rocket" is way more exciting than "arugula."

Brie, Chocolate & Roasted Strawberry Grilled Cheese by Ditty!

Brie, Chocolate & Roasted Strawberry Grilled Cheese (recipe from How Sweet Eats). I refused my boyfriend entry into the kitchen whilst making this for fear he would refuse to try a cheese-chocolate combination. Pleased to report the recipe passed muster (was there ever any doubt?) and is now Boyfriend Approved.

Ditty's Twist on Panzanella

A Twist on Panzanella. The fun part of taking my lunch is taking advantage of the infinite definitions of the word, "salad."
The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad part: waking up before 5 a.m. to throw said salads together plus having to remember to wash my dishes at work every day. I really feel like I should have a better handle on the latter by this point in my life, but oh well.

If food porn is your thing, you can follow along over on Tumblr or Instagram.  Tonight it’s Shutterbean’s Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Pizza. Boyfriend is definitely a lucky guy this week.*

The funny thing is, I’m only two days out from script work, and I’m already itching to work on something new. So I’ll probably be going at a nutbutts pace again here soon enough, but it’s nice to take a few days and regroup as part of my continuing efforts to pass as a Responsible-ish Adult.

*…if he mows my lawn — bwahahahaha!

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