Random Thoughts on Life and Tomatoes

So, it turns out that just because you don’t update your blog after your “I’m going on vacation” post doesn’t mean that you get to stay on vacation. Bummer, huh?

In reality, I’ve been back for two weeks, and it seems like this scene was eons ago.

Sunset on Indian Rocks Beach near Tampa, Florida.

A Room with a View I Could Get Used To

Also, eons since this:

Fruity Rum Drink

Fruity rum drink with cute little umbrella? Yes, please!

Alas, I’ve been home and working like nuts and aching to carve out a chance to write something for myself. I am incredibly thankful for all the freelance work I’ve been getting, but until last weekend, it had literally been a month since I’d worked on any of my own stuff.  And that’s not right.

Which brings me to Tomatoes.  I’m growing some.  Or attempting to.

I’m doing a container garden on my deck, and I like tomatoes, so they seemed like a good choice. My parents surprised me with a couple of plants since I hadn’t had a chance to get out to pick them up myself, and so I set to work with the boyfriend’s help and got them potted.

Puppy Likes Tomatoes

We were all pretty excited.

And then the next morning I realized I’d done pretty much everything wrong. The stuff I thought was a fancy version of foam peanuts to fill the bottom of the container (because the guy at Lowe’s told me it was, mind you), was actually a fancy mix-in thing.  The soil I’d bought had in not-so-tiny-but-small-enough-for-Ditty-to-miss-it-completely font, “NOT FOR CONTAINERS.” Ironically, if I’d mixed these two things together, I’d have been in good shape. But I didn’t, and so now I was faced with the conundrum of buying new soil and new (and actual) foam peanuts and repotting the whole shebang or letting it be and seeing how it turns out.

Well, I already had issues with the concept of paying good money for dirt, and though I felt a bit guilty about the thought of my newly potted plants choking to death, I decided to go with the latter since my motto this year is, after all, “Let it be.”

And lo and behold, look what I spotted a few days later.

Baby Tomato

Baby Tomato!

Granted, this is no guarantee of that cute little thing ever developing into a bright red jewel I can devour, but I figure it’s at the very least a Good Sign.  We’ll see what the Universe has in store as far as life lessons go by the time the summer heat really hits, but what I’m taking from the experience is so far is this: Sometimes you do everything totally wrong, but if your intentions are good, it might turn out pretty and delicious after all.

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