LOVE IN LOVE at “Near Kisses”

So, back in June, I turned one of my old short stories called Love in Love into a short film script for the 50 Kisses competition from the London Screenwriters’ Festival.

Now, at some point, if you stay in this screenwriting game long enough, you kind of get used to rejection. But I’ll level with you — I was really hoping to make the cut on this one mostly because I’ve long wanted to see this story on film and it’s beyond my capabilities to do it myself.

So when the long list came out and my script wasn’t on it, it hurt a little more than usual.

Sad Puppy

A decent representation of how I felt.

But then the 50 Kisses folks did something pretty cool.  They gave the folks who didn’t make the cut the opportunity to have their scripts posted on a site called “Near Kisses” where anyone could read them and offer constructive feedback.  There are a lot of neat scenes over there, and each and every one is just two pages.  So, if you’re in the mood for some quick, quality reading, head on over and check them out.

Mine is available here, and you can browse the rest here. If you feel so inclined, I’d love to hear what you thought!

One thought on “LOVE IN LOVE at “Near Kisses”

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