[Thankful 2012] Days 3 & 4: Chrissy & Kate

No list of things for which I’m thankful would be complete without listing my two sisters, Chrissy & Kate.  I could write books on why my sisters are awesome, but for the sake of brevity I’m going to stick to one major trait about each of them that I admire.


We always joke that Chrissy is adopted.

Chrissy Adopted

I honestly have no idea what’s happening here. Neither does Chrissy.

Mostly because Kate & I are both pretty even-keeled.  Chrissy, on the other hand, is hilariously either super happy or super sad or super frustrated.  She only operates on Super level, basically.  She also ended up being like half a foot taller than either of us somehow, with feet to match, and the craziest curly hair you ever did see, which is GORGEOUS, by the way.  The truth is, I’ve always admired Chrissy’s ability to put herself out there, starting when she was about two years old when, around 1 a.m., on a bus back from Disney World full of very tired, somewhat crabby people, she started singing “Do, a Deer” and somehow managed to get the whole bus singing along with her just by being cute and precocious.  She’s a pretty amazing chick, and I’m proud to call her my sister, whether she’s actually adopted or not.


And then there’s Kate, who is kind of a more intense version of me.

Kate being intense

This is Kate being more intense than me and me being like, “OMG, what is Kate saying?” Not pictured: Chrissy gesturing for me to take the mic away from Kate.

Despite the fact that she always includes a critique of the actress’s hair in any given film review, and that she inexplicably has a thing for gingers, we’re kind of cut from the same cloth.  Maybe different ends of the cloth, but the same nonetheless.  The thing I admire most about my littlest sister is that she does not take crap from ANYONE.  Seriously, you screw her over once, and she’s done.  That’s it.  There’s no seeking revenge or trying to get an apology.  She just moves on.  That is something I have been very, very bad at in my life, historically speaking, and I think it’s awesome that it’s a skill she’s learned so early in her life.  In addition to that, she has some of the best comic timing ever, and she was (and continues to be) my workout/eating-healthy motivating buddy during my weight loss journey in 2010 (a journey which Chrissy has taken on this year, too — with spectacular success).

Nerdy Mathy Trivia: There was one year where we half each other’s ages. I was 12, Chrissy was 6, and Kate was 3.  I think this probably contributes somehow to us being super weird.

Another neat fact: while we all dabble in pretty much anything creative, we’ve ended up each being really passionate about one major branch of the arts — me as a writer, Kate as a truly brilliant artist, and Christina as an incredibly talented vocalist.  I’m not sure how, but I figure this bodes well if we ever decide to take over the world.


This is probably one of the best representations of us ever caught on camera.

And the three of us together? Watch out. Seriously, I feel bad for T sometimes when we’re all together and being nuts like we usually are, but he seems to handle it with a large dose of amusement and by sticking close to Chrissy’s husband when things get too crazy.

Sisters + T at the Color Run

Sisters + T at the Color Run. Notice T’s exhausted expression after three hours of being around us with no back-up.

Every year, I get more and more thankful I have these two around.  That especially ramped up the first year I wasn’t living at home so they couldn’t steal my stuff anymore.  Brats.  But seriously, I love them tons and tons and tons, and dealing with them sneaking into my room from time to time as an adolescent was a fair price to pay for having them in my life today.

Family Jazz Hands

Family Jazz Hands.

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