[Thankful2012] Day 6: Ten Working Fingers

Hand with Crane

In better days.

Tonight I am thankful that most days I have two working hands & ten useful fingers.  After burning my finger on a very hot pot tonight, I am left typing one-handed, as my finger cannot go more than about 5 to 10 seconds outside of cool water or a cool surface without some pretty impressive pain for such little injured surface area.  (A word of advice: when you take a pot out of the oven, do not grab the handle one minute later, because then you will have to eat your dinner like a wild beast because your boyfriend will declare, after failing to properly cut chicken from the bone, “Well, I guess we know who’ll be cutting our son’s food for him.” But you’ll love him for trying, so at least there’s that.)

As a writer, and as a NaNoWriMo participant who was hoping for a 2 or 3k night, this is pretty big downer. But the silver lining is that I know my hand will be back in action tomorrow.  Not everyone is that lucky.  And if people like Jean-Dominique Bauby can manage ro write entire novels with far fewer than nine fingers at their disposal, then I really have little to complain about and much to be thankful for.

3 thoughts on “[Thankful2012] Day 6: Ten Working Fingers

  1. Do you have a microphone on your computer? It’s imperfect, but it is possible to use voice recognition software to speak out your words-per-day, or to simply record chapters off the top of your head into Audacity. Hardly a substitute for typing by hands, but a way to make it to the end of your story along with the other November trekkers if typing is impossible, or until it becomes possible again.

    Best wishes. I have nerve damage in my hands that has seriously messed with my productivity in the past. It can be excruciating.

    • If I’d injured myself any worse, I’d definitely have considered that. The pain (& need to have it on a cool surface/in water) finally subsided after about 4 hours, thank goodness. I tend to think through my fingers, so to speak, so using voice recognition would definitely be huge adjustment. But it’s good to know there are options out there, and that they’re getting better and better every year. Hope your pain is well under control, and best of luck to you!

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