[Around Here] November 2012 Recap and December Goals

Some months I wouldn’t know what went on if it weren’t for looking back through my texts, tweets, photos and blog posts.  And even though my memory of November is basically the visual equivalent of this…

…it appears I did actually do some stuff last month.

November Accomplishments

Some stuff I did.

  • Put up Christmas decorations (on Nov. 1, because I am one of those people).
  • Participated in and “won” my 8th consecutive NaNoWriMo.
  • Ran a 5K on Thanksgiving at 25 weeks pregnant.
  • Turned 30.

I also wrote some posts about things for which I’m thankful (and got too busy/didn’t prioritize writing about a lot of other things for which I’m thankful).

November in Photos

December Goals

What I’m aiming for this month.

  • Write four new short stories for #FridayFlash
  • Pass my glucose test on Dec. 20
  • Learn from and don’t get freaked out by childbirth education & water birth classes
  • Work out 4 to 5 times a week, even if it’s just walking
  • Finish a rough cut of STILL (most of which will come from getting voiceover sorted)
  • Start thinking about/planning my next screenplay project
  • Prepare freelance website to launch in January.

All right, that should keep me busy enough for the month.  Do you all have any goals for the month, beyond surviving holiday shopping madness (not that that isn’t enough of an accomplishment in and of itself)?

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