[FridayFlash] A Love Story in Five Parts

Kicking off #FridayFlash in February with a love story of sorts. Did something a bit experimental here, so I’d love to hear any feedback you have to offer. Happy reading, and don’t forget to check out the other great #FridayFlash stories this week, too!

Love Lock at Le Pont Des Arts, by Elizabeth Ditty


I cannot imagine loving anyone more than you.

Our hearts aren’t big enough for more than this.

This lock will symbolize our passion.

Here, let me.

The key turns, grasps, fails and drowns.


You can’t do this to me.

I’m not doing this to you.

You’re killing me.

You’ll live.  I promise.

The lovers part.  The lock remains.


Tear-reddened eyes stare.

No more words.

Angry footsteps.

The wind gusts.

The lock clanks against the metal.


Night falls, but the stars stay hidden.

Mist covers the known world.

Steel pincers emerge and bite hard.

The lock falls, splashes, sinks.

All hope lost.


A friendly current takes pity.

The reluctant mud finally concedes.

The lock sails, then catches on a miracle.

The pieces, though battered, still come together like new.

Reunion delivers its sweet release.

© 2013 Elizabeth Ditty

11 thoughts on “[FridayFlash] A Love Story in Five Parts

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