[STILL] Post-Production is Complete!

Thanks to the hard work of my colleagues, I have finally been able to complete post-production on STILL. And this is wonderful because, while I am pleased with the final cut of the film, I am also so sick of looking at it. I’m definitely ready for others to be the ones watching instead of me. 🙂

Unfortunately, the whole thing is a little anticlimactic because I can’t post it for public consumption until we’ve completed the festival submission process, which probably won’t be for some time.  But hey, I can show you guys this little poster!

STILL, a short film by elizabeth ditty

Right now, the film is on its way to several festivals.  This is my first time submitting a film, so I’m sure there will be a big learning curve here as well.  In any case, I’m excited to see what happens next.

Thanks again so much to my cast and crew.

  • Michael Burgess, the best human statue Kansas City has ever seen
  • Amy Elrod, my amazing and tireless director of photography
  • Kate Dittmann, my disgustingly talented art director
  • Meg Cloud, the most stunning statue bride
  • Ross Bruns, the next big thing in composing
  • Jon Arnold, my trusty, patient sound mixer
  • and my lovely supporting cast: Scott Burgess, Lisa Hood, Jillian Hood, Danny Burns, Ashley Burns and the People of Kansas City
  • (and a special thanks to T for encouraging/bugging me to get this thing done)

Obviously, this was a huge team effort, and I am so grateful to have so many talented people in my life.  Stay tuned for (hopefully) more news in the coming months!

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