[FridayFlash] Jack Frost’s Greatest Achievement


The General Keeps Watch by Elizabeth DittyPeople only think of wintry weather when they hear my name, but year by year, I’ve been expanding my reach.

I first had the thought back in the 1950s, but it took a decade or so to wrap my icy tendrils around the first few black hearts. The first Black Friday was a grand day for me, but each year I grow prouder and prouder.

After all, what greater cold snap is there than the one from the warmth of pervasive gratitude and gathered families to the stone cold greed and cha-ching of cash registers the day after? The whole country goes from nestling around their loved ones, gorging on warm turkey and pie, to pushing and shoving in the freezing temperatures to get the best deals before the sun even thinks of peeking out from behind its covers.

Sure, snow and icicles are my most obvious achievements — the ones everyone talks about. But more than Snowmageddon or Knickerbocker or even the Storm of the Century, Black Friday is my crowning glory. And I’m not stopping there.

My sights are set, and the next big thing is in my crosshairs.

Thanksgiving, I’m coming for you.

© 2013 Elizabeth Ditty

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