[Around Here] Fast February

Some months seem to stick around forever, and then others seem to happen in a snap of the fingers. For some reason, February seems to be moving at light speed. For example, I meant to do this post in the first few days, but here we are, past the midpoint of the month, and I’m just now getting to it.

This is the month I dove back into my first new screenplay in a number of years. While I didn’t really work on anything last year, the few years before that had been spent reimagining, rewriting and polishing previously written scripts.  So starting one from scratch again has been fun, awful, exciting and a total slog.  Which is pretty much how I remember it.

January was spent researching and outlining, and I set myself a deadline of February 1 to begin.

What research looks like.

What research looks like.


I haven’t met my writing goals daily, but as of this morning I’m sitting at 36 pages, and I’m OK with that.  I’m definitely dealing with that writerly phenomenon of the words on the page paling miserably in comparison to the movie in my head.  I love that movie in my head, and I know I can get closer to it in subsequent rewrites.  But you have to have a first (shitty) draft to do rewrites, so I am struggling onward and making sure I get at LEAST a page in daily, even when it is literally the last thing I want to do (and given I typically do most of my writing between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. before work, that’s not all that rare).

Speaking of rewrites, I did rewrite an old script (mostly a polish, really, with a couple of scenes getting a total makeover), and I’m scheduled to do the final read-through on that later this morning.  Trying to get into the GITS habit of stacking projects.

I’m also taking my first Skillshare class: The First Steps of Hand Lettering.  It’s a way to do some art with my hands, and I’m one of those weird folks who enjoy actual hand-writing things, so it’s been a good fit (if you are interested in taking a Skillshare class, you can click on that link and get us both $10 to use).

early sketch by Elizabeth Ditty

An early sketch for my current project.

There are all sorts of classes in all sorts of subjects at Skillshare, usually for about $20 (they offer discounts pretty much all the time, though), so it’s definitely worth checking out.  Granted, the class has been at least partially responsible for me wanting to do a print with a background that looks like blood spatter, so….

I’ve also been going through this sort of belated nesting phase (and yes, I still hate the term “nesting,” but my former choice of “pregnancy-induced mania” doesn’t apply here since I am not pregnant).  So I’ve been attempting to cook a lot more this month.  Which has actually gone pretty well, except I feel like I’m perpetually cleaning the kitchen. Which I guess is better than perpetually not cleaning the kitchen (not that I’ve ever gone through phases like that…).

Lastly, I started P90X3 back at the end of December, and I have miraculously made it through almost two blocks (we’re in the last few days of the second transition week) without missing a workout.  It’s been the perfect program to get back into working out daily since the workouts are only 30 minutes (which T has lovingly sacrificed for me, despite the fact that he already has to wrangle the Pipsqueak while I’m at work every day).

Ditty does P90X3.

So, things are pretty busy around here, but it feels good to be busy again near the levels I used to keep myself pre-Pipsqueak.  I feel like I’m myself again, which is an awesome feeling, and I actually feel like I’m way more present when I’m hanging out with Pip and/or T now that I’m pursuing my own passions again.


#lifelessons, right?


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