Meet Elizabeth Ditty

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Ditty. I live in Kansas City, but my mind is often elsewhere. I can be summoned with wine, coffee, or enough time for a power nap. I write things. Nice to meet you!

As a screenwriter, I’ve been an Austin Film Festival semifinalist and three-time second rounder, and I’m so excited to be on the 2020 Bitch List. (It’s a good thing, I swear!) Scroll on down for available projects.

Find me on twitter, instagram, goodreads and basically everywhere else as ditty1013, or shoot me an email at izzi [dot] ditty [at]

Prose & Poetry

My published prose and poetry can be found in the following benevolent journals & lit mags:

Interviews & More

Available Projects

If you’re interested in any of the projects below, please feel free to email me or DM me on twitter. You can also view my profile on Coverfly.