Life Has a Funny Way

After a fun and informative trip to the Austin Film Festival, I was returning with renewed motivation to get to work on STILL, a desire I've expressed sporadically for the past, oh, 15 months or so.  I attended a number of panels on independent filmmaking, and I was excited to get back to my own, … Continue reading Life Has a Funny Way

Existential Crises and Pregnancy-Induced Mania

Can I be honest with you?  After completely zeroing out on all the contests this year (the first time that's EVER happened since I started this whole screenwriting pursuit), I was ready to totally give up on writing.  I had excuses.  I have a full-time day job.  I spend another 10-15 hours a week (sometimes … Continue reading Existential Crises and Pregnancy-Induced Mania

The 2011 Austin Film Festival: A Recap

Subtitled: "In Which Ditty Disappoints Everyone By Failing to Find Words to Describe How Amazing It Was." Everything that follows can really be summed up in the following bit of advice: If you have the opportunity to attend the Austin Film Festival, DO IT. (Especially if you are a writer.) If you need more convincing, … Continue reading The 2011 Austin Film Festival: A Recap


Much to my shock and delight, I found out Wednesday that I've been named an Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition semifinalist for 'TIL DEATH PARTS US.  That evening, I received a congratulatory phone call from the festival folks, during which I was informed that I was one of 18 semifinalists out of more than 2500 entries … Continue reading Austin-Bound