Work Like It’s Your Job

On Dec. 6, I sat in an uncomfortable chair at Heathrow Airport, munching on my last mince tart, and started outlining a screenplay.  Now, 46 days and three drafts later, I've sent it out into the world (via BlueCat's Fellini Competition).  (And a massive thanks to Matt and Stuart who offered and delivered one-day-turnaround feedback … Continue reading Work Like It’s Your Job

A Moleskine Notebook Excerpt from Today

Have woken up to news that Nicholl does not love me. Not even a P.S. this year. Had made terrible mistake of getting hopes up after making BlueCat semi-finals.  Am now convinced BlueCat is complete fluke; name was obviously there by mistake. --- Considering chucking writing dream & becoming Domestic Goddess instead. Ignoring current state … Continue reading A Moleskine Notebook Excerpt from Today

April is Madness

April brings its own special kind of spring fever to my neck of the woods.  The little kid soccer team I coach starts their season back up.  My youngest sister starts playing high school soccer again.  The lawn starts needing mowing again, and there's that whole spring cleaning business, too.  And of course there's the short film … Continue reading April is Madness

Screenwriting and the Art of Optimism

If you feel like having your hopes dashed and your dreams pooh-poohed, there are plenty of avenues to do that in the world of screenwriting.  Upon entering the Wide World of RSS Feeds, a dear friend and fellow aspiring screenwriter lamented at how overwhelming it all was.  There's a wealth of information and opinion out … Continue reading Screenwriting and the Art of Optimism

Recap: 16 June 2009 + Good news!

Wow, has it really been two-plus weeks since I've done a post? Sorry about that! I've been on vacation the past eight days, but now I'm back in the saddle (literally starting Sunday).What I WatchedThe Hangover (4 stars): This movie is, in my opinion, what Pineapple Express should have been. It was hilarious and outrageous, … Continue reading Recap: 16 June 2009 + Good news!

The BlueCat 10-Page Workshop: Lessons Learned

I attended one of Gordy Hoffman's BlueCat 10-Page Screenwriting workshops this past Saturday in Kansas City. For those unfamiliar, these workshops involve exchanging the first 10 pages of a screenplay with nine other writers in preparation for reading them aloud and commenting at the workshop.I came away with a number of lessons.Sometimes it's impossible to … Continue reading The BlueCat 10-Page Workshop: Lessons Learned