The True Story of the Gingerbread Man

So, I’ve been taking this children’s book class, right? Well, in addition to what I’m working on with Kate, I’m also revising a story I wrote in the 4th grade. We were assigned the task of doing our own version of classic fairytales, in the vein of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.  … Continue reading The True Story of the Gingerbread Man

Recap: 22 June 2009

Not too much to cover today, but here goes anyway.What I WatchedAdaptation. (4 stars): I'd watched this a number of years ago and totally didn't get it. At all. I was urged by a friend (Writer-Nurse-Student-Comedienne-Extraordinaire, Joselyn) to give it another shot. I did. And I loved it this time. Maybe it's the whole, now … Continue reading Recap: 22 June 2009