Crazy Busy Writer Driven Crazy by Crazy Protag

The first weekend in April, I was one of the lucky "100 + ties" to participate in Round 2 of the CS Open.  I think a lot of people are curious about what the feedback and scores look like for this sort of contest (I know I was, especially in prior years when I didn't … Continue reading Crazy Busy Writer Driven Crazy by Crazy Protag

[STILL] Stories and Storyboards

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you are better slept than I am, and I hope that if you are as critically underslept it is for reasons as delightful as mine. I found out Friday I made the Top 100 + Ties and advanced to Round 2 of Creative Screenwriting's Cyberspace Open, which is pretty fun … Continue reading [STILL] Stories and Storyboards

Another Weekend Bites the Dust

It doesn't feel like I was all that productive this weekend, but I know that's not true.  I even have proof. First off, Matt & I recorded a new podcast, in which we discuss the Oscars and our most anticipated films of 2011.  We also accidentally found ourselves arguing about the best film of 2009.  … Continue reading Another Weekend Bites the Dust