Dorian Gray on Film

Having finally gotten to see the movie I was most anticipating for 2009, the most recent film version of my favorite novel, and because I'll take any opportunity I can get to discuss Dorian Gray in any way, shape, or form, I thought I'd take some blog space to look at the two most well-known … Continue reading Dorian Gray on Film

On Twilight: An Explanation

[WARNING: Non-specific spoilers throughout.] I have a confession to make: I get it. You know.  The whole Twi-hard thing.  Sometimes I like to pretend I'm cool enough not to, but, in reality, I totally get it.  And I'm going to do my best to explain it to those of you who don't.  Here goes. If … Continue reading On Twilight: An Explanation

Ruminations on À Rebours

Where to start? As Oscar Wilde muses in Chapter 10 of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Joris-Karl Huysmans' À Rebours is a book without a plot, a mere psychological study, but a thorough one.  Because of that, it hardly seems worth it to  put up a spoiler warning, but here it is, nonetheless. [Mild spoilers … Continue reading Ruminations on À Rebours

Ruminations on A Doll’s House

There are certain things I miss about school.  One is the opportunity to truly delve into an analysis of literature.  It's something that's hard to do in a vacuum and without guidance.  Outside of school, there are few places of which I'm aware in which to discuss literature at an academic level and fewer places … Continue reading Ruminations on A Doll’s House