A Story About Princess Leia

A Story About Princess Leia by Elizabeth Ditty Tonight I read my son a story about Princess Leia. I did not cry. (Not really.) My voice made its way around the lump in my throat To tell my son How to be brave despite dismal odds (I’ll never tell him the odds) How to stand … Continue reading A Story About Princess Leia

On Babies and Boobs

So, we're right in the middle of World Breastfeeding Week and right at the beginning of National Breastfeeding Month.  Everything I've seen so far basically feels like it's "International Pretend to Be Supportive But Actually Silently Judge All the Moms Month/Week."  Like we need a specific week or month for that, right? In any case, … Continue reading On Babies and Boobs

On Gem-Hunting

I feel like I'm doing a poor job documenting my constant evolution into parenthood.  My co-parent has written a couple of eloquent and humorous posts about our adventures as parents, and I both love him for it and have to stop myself from becoming actively resentful of the fact that he's doing such a great … Continue reading On Gem-Hunting

Random Thoughts on Life and Tomatoes

So, it turns out that just because you don't update your blog after your "I'm going on vacation" post doesn't mean that you get to stay on vacation. Bummer, huh? In reality, I've been back for two weeks, and it seems like this scene was eons ago. Also, eons since this: Alas, I've been home … Continue reading Random Thoughts on Life and Tomatoes

On Casablanca, Solo Moviegoing, and Time Travel

Last night I made my way to the cinema to see a special TCM screening of CASABLANCA in honor of its 70th anniversary. It was not meant to be a solo adventure, but plans fell through, and going alone was a small price to pay for seeing one of my favorite classic films on the … Continue reading On Casablanca, Solo Moviegoing, and Time Travel

Perspective on a White Hair

There it was. It stared back at her, challenging her to lose her composure, to shed a tear or a waterfall, to succumb to the grief, to give into the fragile parts of her mind. A single strand gleamed bright amidst the brown waves. Her fingers combed through, unthreading the tresses until she held the … Continue reading Perspective on a White Hair

This Recipe Will Change Your Life

This recipe will change your life. That was the promise.  She’d thought nothing of it, to be honest.  After all, it had been a rough morning. In truth, it had been a rough week, a rough month, a rough quarter, a rough year, and, when it all added up, a rough decade — made all … Continue reading This Recipe Will Change Your Life