15 Characters Who Struck a Chord

There's a meme going around that encourages folks to think of 15 characters off the top of their heads who influenced them & will always stick with them, with the caveat that this task should take no more than 15 minutes. I grabbed pen and paper, got to about five and then got stuck.  The … Continue reading 15 Characters Who Struck a Chord

Haiku Review: 9 May 2010

If you haven't checked out The List of Movies That Made Going to the Movies Suck over at Mike's blog, there are some really interesting essays going up daily all month long.  You can find my essay on IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, which kicked off The List, here.  Now, onto the reviews. The Back-Up Plan … Continue reading Haiku Review: 9 May 2010

[Movies That Made Going to the Movies Suck] #27: It Happened One Night

Hi everyone!  I'm participating in a fun little film analysis list this month with the Desert Island DVDs crew, spearheaded by Mike over at You Talking to Me? The idea is to take a look at movies that brought forth a movement in film and inspired a bunch of generally lackluster copycats trying to cash … Continue reading [Movies That Made Going to the Movies Suck] #27: It Happened One Night

Haiku Review: 18 April 2010

So, I'm posting this something like 12 days after I intended, but it's April and that means Screnzy + soccer + more soccer, and I'm busy.  So sue me.  But please keep reading my blog. 🙂  Also, if there's one thing that can be learned from my Haiku Reviews, it's that I like Cary Grant.  … Continue reading Haiku Review: 18 April 2010

Desert Island DVDs

Over at the Fandango Groovers Movie Blog, Andy has challenged movie bloggers and bloggers who love movies to come up with the eight movies they'd want if they were stuck on a desert island and somehow miraculously had a working DVD player. You can find a list of participants here, along with Andy's own picks … Continue reading Desert Island DVDs

Haiku Review: 15 February 2010

This week I'm buckling down on what will hopefully be my last round of revisions on TDPU.  Last week I finished a short script I'm hoping to film in the next couple of months, and I've got another short script I'd like to write whilst planning my next feature to be written in April for … Continue reading Haiku Review: 15 February 2010