A Story About Princess Leia

A Story About Princess Leia by Elizabeth Ditty Tonight I read my son a story about Princess Leia. I did not cry. (Not really.) My voice made its way around the lump in my throat To tell my son How to be brave despite dismal odds (I’ll never tell him the odds) How to stand … Continue reading A Story About Princess Leia

[short fiction] Notice

Updates, end of year reviews and top 10 lists soon. Until then, here's a little holiday drabble. Hope you enjoy. NOTICE Winter wonderlands. White Christmases. Sleigh rides, hot chocolate. Snow ball fights and snow angels. Cozying up by the fire. That’s me, you know. Not the fat man in red. Not his eight or nine … Continue reading [short fiction] Notice

[FridayFlash] The World Still Shakes

In light of the crisis in Haiti, please consider donating time or money to help those in need.  A list of ways to donate can be found here. THE WORLD STILL SHAKES Life was still, or at least it seemed so. And then the world shook. It shook free our souls. Some left.  Some shattered.  … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The World Still Shakes

[FridayFlash] Leave Your Values At The Front Desk

I was going to post an old story, but then this jumped out at me from my idea box. It's another venture into poetry, which happens from time to time, generally when I least expect it and never when I try to force it.  It's inspired by a blurb I read somewhere about a place … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Leave Your Values At The Front Desk

[FridayFlash] You Have Been Replaced

I'm cheating a bit and posting something I wrote last year.  Give me a break, OK? I had to make pie! From scratch — crust and all!  Anyway, excuses aside, I normally stay pretty clear of poetry, but this dropped out of my brain one day, and I kind of liked it. Hope you do, … Continue reading [FridayFlash] You Have Been Replaced