Dorian Gray on Film

Having finally gotten to see the movie I was most anticipating for 2009, the most recent film version of my favorite novel, and because I'll take any opportunity I can get to discuss Dorian Gray in any way, shape, or form, I thought I'd take some blog space to look at the two most well-known … Continue reading Dorian Gray on Film

There Will Be Blood: A Review

I kept waiting to be impressed by Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood, to have some golden token of wisdom implanted in my brain. I wanted to be blown away by Daniel Day-Lewis' performance as Daniel Plainview. Even more simply, I wanted to feel something—anything, really—other than confusion. Unfortunately, it never happened.I've been waiting … Continue reading There Will Be Blood: A Review

Eastern Promises: A Review

Until this afternoon, the last film I'd seen starring Viggo Mortensen was Return of the King. In fact, I'd only ever seen Mr. Mortensen as Aragorn. Now, I will also remember him as Nikolai.Eastern Promises didn't strike me as my type of film when it came out. But I'd read enough positive reviews to be … Continue reading Eastern Promises: A Review

Sweeney Todd: A Review

My sister and I caught Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street last night for the third time. I don't usually see movies more than once in the theatres, but I was happy to make an exception for such a remarkable film.Having never seen the stage version and having not been familiar … Continue reading Sweeney Todd: A Review