[FridayFlash] A Familiar Gift

Figured I'd better start gearing up for NaNoWriMo, so here's a short (and quickly written) dose of Halloween fiction. Please enjoy, & don't forget to visit the rest of the #fridayflash community! A FAMILIAR GIFT When the man arrived at my doorstep, I barely glanced at him. “Can I help you?” I asked.  I wanted … Continue reading [FridayFlash] A Familiar Gift


[FridayFlash] A Place to Outlast

A PLACE TO OUTLAST My laptop bag tugging my left shoulder out of alignment set off a litany of complaints in my mind as I stood in the baggage check line at the airport.  Another trip to another grand city, where the only landmarks I'd see would be in a blur from the taxi window … Continue reading [FridayFlash] A Place to Outlast

[FridayFlash] A New Hypothesis for a Better Tomorrow

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether that means you celebrated it or ignored it.  Per usual, if anyone has any feedback to offer on this week's slice of science-fictionish #fridayflash, I'd love to hear it. (Thanks to T for forcing a prompt on me.) Have a good weekend, and don't forget to check … Continue reading [FridayFlash] A New Hypothesis for a Better Tomorrow

[FridayFlash] A Love Story in Five Parts

Kicking off #FridayFlash in February with a love story of sorts. Did something a bit experimental here, so I'd love to hear any feedback you have to offer. Happy reading, and don't forget to check out the other great #FridayFlash stories this week, too! I I cannot imagine loving anyone more than you. Our hearts aren’t … Continue reading [FridayFlash] A Love Story in Five Parts

[FridayFlash] Happy New Year

One of my goals this year (again) is to write at least 12 short stories, so I'm starting the year off right with the one below.  Can't wait to see what the rest of the #FridayFlash community comes up with for Week 1 of 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR The old man stroked his long beard.  … Continue reading [FridayFlash] Happy New Year

[FridayFlash] The Muse

I was scrolling through some old photos tonight, looking for something completely different, when I stumbled across this photograph I took in London back in 2010. I remember taking it, thinking it was in desperate need of a story. And so it's finally getting one, though I'm skeptical that this isn't the only tale this … Continue reading [FridayFlash] The Muse