Random Thoughts on Life and Tomatoes

So, it turns out that just because you don't update your blog after your "I'm going on vacation" post doesn't mean that you get to stay on vacation. Bummer, huh? In reality, I've been back for two weeks, and it seems like this scene was eons ago. Also, eons since this: Alas, I've been home … Continue reading Random Thoughts on Life and Tomatoes

A To-Do List for the Week to Come

I do have a few work-ish items on my Could-Do List for the next few days, but the following items are MANDATORY. Lay on the beach. Play in the ocean. Take naps. Go for sunrise runs on the beach. Read books. Eat delicious seafood. Drink fruity drinks with rum. Laugh a bunch. Look at beautiful … Continue reading A To-Do List for the Week to Come

Me, Interviewed

For her college computer class (do we still need those?), my sister was tasked with interviewing someone and writing a blog post about it.  Because I am, in her eyes, a paragon of truth, wonder and interesting things, she chose to interview me. Or maybe it was because I'm, you know, around. Whatever. Anyway, she … Continue reading Me, Interviewed

[London Calling] Winter

Wrote this mid-trip sitting on a bench at the Tate Modern. ----- Even though there are obvious downsides, like the physical discomfort, I find I like visiting places in the winter better than during other seasons. Anywhere can be beautiful in the spring, with its easy-on-the-eyes greens and new life. But in winter, the veneer … Continue reading [London Calling] Winter

[Memories of Paris] The Artist in Montmartre

By the time we reached Paris, I’d more or less given up on my admittedly silly fantasy of capturing the heart of an impossibly handsome British or otherwise pleasantly-accented man during our two-week adventure across the pond.  I still made an effort to look presentable each day — we were in Paris after all — … Continue reading [Memories of Paris] The Artist in Montmartre